Reality TV = Storage Hunters Fake and Exposed

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Reality TV = Fake TV , Storage Hunters Fake and Exposed

I was sitting on my couch yesterday after dinner watching a few of my favorite Reality TV shows and caught this horrible so called reality television show and investigate if Storage Hunters Fake. Now the Show Storage Hunters goes under the Storage Auction Genre that is hitting the airwaves. Shows Like Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, Texas Storage Wars and This very back knock off , Storage Hunters. This show is played on TRU TV network and highlights the finds that these so called “Real” people find. What is interesting with this show Storage Hunters, its kind of like Jerry Springer World of Storage Auctions with a cast of characters having physical fights over bidding on storage auctions. Characters like Jesse, Papa Bear , Brandon & Lori Bernier , The Taylor Brothers, and T-Money and the wise cracking auctioneer Sean Kelly.

Being Entertained and educated on Antiques and Treasures is ruined by Storage Hunters Fake Act for a reality TV Show

Now to a certain degree, all Reality TV show is not 100% Real, scripted , and highlights what the producers want you to see from their perspective. Now shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters highlight more the finds that come up in these various Storage Auctions around the country. For those that need an education on what a Storage Auction is, basically its when contents of a storage unit are put up for an Auction when the owner does not pay rent on the storage unit for months and those costs are recovered by selling the contents that are in there. According to leading Storage experts, about 75% of the time, these experts end up just paying for Junk and the contents in them have no value. Of course these Storage Auction Reality TV shows want to highlight the treasures and what can be found at these auctions , and i know that Storage Wars shows both the success and some of the non value stuff that is found and even Auction Hunters had a whole show dedicated to showing behind the scenes of some of the flops they have had. On the other hand , Storage Hunters fake portrayal of the storage war scene, shows fights, bizarre stuff like reptiles, explosives going off during a storage auction, and just off the wall stuff that can happen.

Some evidence that is out there that proves Storage Hunters Fake claim is true..

In wanting to find out , if the Storage Hunters fake claim is true , the auctioneer Sean Kelly is actually a comedian. On his website it claims he is the Star of the show Storage Hunters. Now I can see that his wise cracks are not all from just his experience playing an auctioneer but from doing stand up comedy at clubs across the country. Here is another good point shared on a thread about Storage Hunters Fake : Ok the auctioneer opens a storage unit and there is a “Meth Lab”, how many Federal and local laws is he breaking by selling the unit? Then at later after finding a handgun in a another unit the wife has an accidental discharge. Notice the camera operator doesn’t flinch and there is no bullet hole. I don’t mind a staged show but does it have to be so obviously fake?

If you are spending an hour a day watching stuff like Storage Hunters , Operation Repo, South Beach Tow on so called Reality TV network , TRU TV, realize its bunch of actors portraying so called reality. Stop feeding and entertaining the mind with nonsense and put some good reality Marketing and making money education in your head. Marketing Training” href=”” target=”_blank”>Click here to get some FREE business building training that you can use to grow your income and knowledge. Storage Hunters Fake portrayal of the Storage Auction world is entertaining but is not reality.

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